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26 Facts About Tesla Motors That Will Inspire You To Succeed 

Unsettling and science-y in equal measures.

The modern day technology will be forever thankful to Tesla Motors for its invaluable contributions in the tech world. The electric carmaker has enjoyed more hype than any other automaking startup in decades and has single-handedly produced the coolest cars the world has ever seen. We already know all about its stellar manufacturing, top-of-the-class quality, and blazing reliability but that’s not all this company boils down to. 

Let’s see: Do you know that Elon Musk did NOT create Tesla? Gotcha! He really didn’t. It’s a popular misconception going around for years. Hate to break it to ya, you might not know so much about them after all. 

Here are 20 unexpected and interesting facts to brush up your knowledge and make you wonder why you didn’t know these facts before (to boast, obviously).