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20 Times Gordon Ramsay Savagely Roasted People On Twitter

This masterchef is a pro at 'roasting tweets.'

A masterchef with a fiery temper, Gordon Ramsay never holds back anything. When he is not busy cooking, shooting, chilling, traveling, he amuses the world with his savage tweets and replies. Well, the truth hurts. And top that up with Ramsay's attitude, and it's fire. He's witty and he never lets anything or anyone else steal the thunder. So in case you dream of or are envisioning yourself getting recognized by the world-famous chef, my friend, you're really going to have a hard time. Getting a reply from him may not be the best thing for the starters. 

I personally feel that you got to have some thick skin before tagging Ramsay in your food tweets. No wonder why he runs a show like Kitchen Nightmares. This chef knows how to cook, ROAST, toast and amuse. Presenting to you, tweets and replies where Gordon Ramsay simply slays.