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Facts About Your Favorite Friends Theme Song That Will Make You Go Whoa!

The lyrics made the theme so obvious.

Friends: A show you can watch on repeat mode all the time. I bet, if you sit to watch one episode you would be hooked for the entire season. Even after you've finished it all, you are bound to go for a rerun, man!

We always want to know everything about the show, the characters and even the personal life of the cast. And as much as we love the show we love the song as well. So what do you know about Friends' theme song? Anything?

If not, read ahead to know that there could sometimes be so much to know about a theme song! And trust me these facts are going to be something very interesting and worth investing your time.

And even if you think you know all about the theme song, skim a glance and see if you are missing something. 

Get ready to clap along with me.